Clear Bra Application in St. Louis

Small bugs, rocks, road debris, salt, and sand can cause damage to the original painted surface of your car resulting in small chips, scratches, and abrasions. A clear bra will cover and protect your car’s original paint without altering the look of your vehicle. The clear bra can be applied directly to your car’s bumper and hood as well as other painted surfaces to protect from rock chips, bug acids, salt, and sand abrasion.

At Night Shades in St. Louis, we offer clear bra application services for all types of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs throughout the St. Louis area. To learn more about our clear bra application services and to receive a quote for your clear bra application services, please contact our St. Louis window tint and paint protection experts.

Professional Clear Bra Application Services in St. Louis

As a leading St. Louis window tinting and automotive company, we have experience offering clear bra application services for a variety of types of cars and vehicles including many of the most expensive and high class vehicles on the road today. If you are interested in protecting your vehicle’s original paint surface from road debris and other daily hazards, a clear bra will offer superior protection for much less than the cost of a new paint job.

At Night Shades, in St. Peters, we exclusively use LLUMAR paint protection film. This is a high quality clear bra product that can be applied directly to your car or vehicle’s original paint coating in order to protect it and keep it looking new for as long as possible. This clear bra is typically applied to the front of the hood and front bumper, where a traditional automotive bra would cover. This paint protection film can also be applied to nearly any painted surface of your vehicle in order to offer complete and superior protection.

To learn more about our clear bra application services, please contact our St. Louis window tint and automotive company.

Benefits of the Clear Bra

Choosing a clear bra for your vehicle offers a number of benefits and advantages. To learn more about the benefits of a clear bra, please contact the experts at our St. Louis window tint and paint protection company.

  • Protect paint from chips & road hazards: When driving at highway speeds, small flying objects can become imbedded into your cars paint or cause small chips and scratches on the paint surface. This can cause permanent damage to your car’s paint. A clear bra will protect the most at risk areas on the front bumper and hood of your car preserving your car’s original paint finish.
  • Long lasting surface: When properly applied by professionals, like those at Night Shades in St. Louis, the clear bra will adhere to your vehicles paint surface without peeling, cracking, or bubbling. Additionally, this high quality product will not yellow or discolor overtime.
  • Clear film won’t alter the look of your car: A clear bra is completely clear and will not alter the look or color of your car while offering the protection and peace of mind you desire.
  • Won’t damage paint: Should you need your clear bra removed or replaced, it can be easily removed without causing damage to the paint surface you are trying to protect.