Night Shades Window Tinting:
St. Louis Window Tinting, Clear Bras, & Vehicle Wraps

At Night Shades, we offer a variety of window tinting and automotive services to clients located throughout the St. Louis area. This includes automotive window tinting as well as window tinting for commercial or residential buildings. In addition to offering superior window tinting services, our additional automotive services also include clear bra application, paint protection film application, and vehicle wraps. All of our window tinting and automotive services are available to dealerships and individual consumers located throughout the St. Louis area including in and around St. Charles and St. Peters.

To learn more about any of our services, to request a pricing quote, or to schedule an appointment with our window tinting experts, please contact our St. Louis window tint company.

About Our St. Louis Window Tinting Company

Our St. Louis window tinting company was first founded in January of 2005, when we worked primarily with one local St. Louis automotive dealership. Over the recent years, we have expanded to work with over 14 St. Louis dealerships on a regular basis as well as hundreds of individual consumers. We operated as a mobile window tinting company for several years and have recently opened a new building located in St. Peters, just off highway 94. With the opening of our new building, we were able to offer a variety of additional services to customers including clear bra and paint protection film application as well as custom vehicle wrap creation and application.

Each of our window tinting or other automotive services is performed by highly experienced and trained professionals in order to offer you the highest quality and outstanding results. We use high quality, reliable products including superior window tinting and paint protection film that will not peel, crack, bubble, or discolor. When you work with the professionals at our St. Louis window tinting company, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality work and satisfactory results.

Our Window Tinting, Clear Bra, & Vehicle Wrap Services

Our window tinting and automotive services are available to clients located throughout the entire St. Louis area. These services include:

  • Window Tinting: We are experienced in installing window tinting to cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and many other types of vehicles. Because we utilize only high quality window tinting for each project, you can be sure that your tinting will look good for years to come without peeling, cracking, bubbling, or discoloring.
  • Vehicle Wraps: We can create, print, cut, and apply custom vehicle wraps using a high quality vinyl film. With our vehicle wrap application services, we can apply vehicle wraps to nearly any type or size of vehicle.
  • Paint Protection Film Application: Paint protection film will protect your vehicle’s original paint from scratches and chips that occur through everyday driving and road hazards. We can apply a high quality paint protection film to nearly any painted surface of your vehicle in order to offer superior paint protection.
  • Clear Bra Application: We use the LLUMAR paint protection film for our clear bra application service. This clear bra material offers year round protection from sand, gravel, rocks, bugs, and other common road debris. When applied by our professionals, a clear bra will be virtually invisible and will not peel, crack, or discolor.
  • Commercial Window Tinting: With experience applying window tinting to vehicles and other surfaces, our window tinting experts can also apply window tinting and window film to commercial buildings including on any glass or mirrored surface to add decorative detail, provide privacy, or prevent UV and heat transmission.
  • Residential Window Tinting: Our window tinting experts are available for residential window tinting jobs for clients throughout the St. Louis area. Applying window tinting or window film will prevent furniture fading, reduce annoying glares, improve comfort, and increase privacy within your home.

To learn more about any of our window tinting or automotive services and to find out how our services can offer a customized solution for you, please contact our St. Louis window tint company today.